Wonder Kid Aryaveer Unboxes Shotgun Toy Gun For Our Little Viewers

Our super smart Aryaveer is back with yet another toy review video. And this time, he is going to unbox, hold your breath, the much coveted and every kid’s dream toy, The Shot Gun! This is one of the most popular toy guns available in market today. And the kids, especially boys fascination with this super cool gun is beyond anyone’s imagination!

The Shot Gun, which comes complete with a sniper and assault rifle feel, can also be used as a pistol. The box comes complete with 6 bullets as well as 50 rubber shots. You are given a complete kit to turn the pellets into full sized small shot balls, which promptly explodes upon hitting the target. Nonetheless, to say they are completely safe to play with and shooting at objects.

But you should avoid hitting at a person with them especially at their eyes. The gun also comes with protective eye glasses that you need to wear while playing with the gun so as to avoid getting hit in the eye! What’s more, Aryaveer also teaches you how to turn the 400 pellets into 50 shots in the video. And if you are worried about running out of shots, then you need not worry! These shots are easily available at your local toy store as well.

Aged 6+, the Shot Gun is really easy to use and handle. Just put the bullets in, load the gun with lever and aim and shoot. The Shot Gun also provides you with target practice and come with small cardboard targets along with stands.
We are sure after having a look at Aryaveer’s review of The Shot Gun, you will surely be compelled to get one for your kids! It will also make a perfect birthday present for someone else’s kid as well.