This Smart Water Bottle Lets Your Kids Stay Hydrated Through A Virtual Pet!

What is the one struggle that is faced by every parent? Getting their kids to drink plenty of water! Yes, although you can find kids sipping from their cool water bottles during lunch breaks or after play times, it is still not enough to nourish their growing bodies.

It is very important for us especially children, to keep themselves hydrated. Kids are the ones who are a bundle of energy and wit their hyperactive schedule, they need to replenish their body with water at regular intervals. Now with approaching summers, it becomes especially important for kids to take water break to protect themselves against the onslaught of heat.

But, how many of your children listen to your advice? Luckily, a company has managed to tap into this market and has devised a smart water bottle that not only lets your kids stay hydrated, but also makes it fun from them.

Gululu water bottle is the latest sensation to hit the kids’ supplies market this season. This water bottle, which is touted to be the most expensive smart water bottle till date lets your kids keep track of their water intake through a virtual pet!

In a fictitious world of Ima, your kids can now choose their virtual pets and help them keep alive by drinking enough water. What more, your kids can
• Help track their water intake
• Choose their virtual pet
• Link their water bottle with parents mobile

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The Gululu water bottle, based on your kid’s height and weight, help calculate their daily water requirement. And, the USP of this water bottle is that it can identify the difference between drinking water from bottle or throwing it off! Wouldn’t you like to see something like that for your kid?

We know the Gululu water bottle is on the expensive side. But, hey nothing is more valuable than your kids health right? Think about it!