Nerf Gun Flipfury Toy Gun First-Hand Review By Aryaveer

Kids, the zombies have taken over the earth and it is up to you to save your planet from the zombie attack. So what would be the perfect weapon to blast off the carnivores? Well it is the Nerf Gun Flipfury Toy Gun zombie edition! This is one of the coolest toy guns available in town and is already becoming very popular amongst kids.

As a matter of fact, our wonder kid, Aryaveer hast just unboxed a brand new Flipfury Toy Gun and has given its first-hand experience with the toy in the following video.So, if you are planning to get one for your kids or your friend’s kid, then you should definitely take a look at the review video by Aryaveer. You can judge for yourself. But, we can vouch for the superb quality and immense entertainment quality of the toy gun.

The Nerf Flipfury Gun, which is bright orange in color, comes with double payload and pull back lever for shooting at target. The set also comes with cushioned darts along with protective eye gear. Just load the darts in the gun in its twin payload barrels, and aim and shoot!

The aim, as shown by Aryaveer is also quite strong. So, make sure the kid is not targeting someone’s sensitive body organs like eyes or nose. But, that is one precaution you need to take with every toy. The Nerf Gun Flipfury Toy Gun in words of Aryaveer, is simply a superb gun.

You should definitely think about buying one for your kid. It’s aptly aged for kids above 6 years old. But, if you have a super smart 5 years old, do not top them from enjoying with this super fun gun! Do not miss this review as it is from a 10-year-old kid’s point of view, which in our opinion is much more helpful.