7 Best Toys for your kid in 2018

It’s time to find some really cool toys for you kids, but where do you start? How can you possibly find something suitable which is not very expensive? Here we are with the best toys of 2018 for your kids.

#1. Acrobatic Indoor Drone
This is one of the coolest and fun drones you can buy for your kids. This drone is called ‘the fly’ because it is very fast. Acrobatic drone is only for inside use and can go through small places easily. It has many acrobatic features, and, the best part is, it is very inexpensive.
#2. The Flying Nemo and Shark
These remote control flying fish are too much fun. You can fill them up with helium, float them and then guide them through the air with an easy to use remote control. Kids just love them.
#3. Super Zoom Buggy
Super zoom buggy is the world’s fastest electric car with top speed of 70 kmph. These remote control cars can stay stable on rough terrains also. And, the best part is, they are very affordable. So just smile and order one or two for your kids now.
#4. Ultron Levitation Spinner
This spinner is just amazing and kids love it. Get your kid this spinner which is very easy to learn and takes just a minute to set up. it is much better than any fidget spinner.
#5. VR Butterfly Drone
This amazing drone comes with altitude hold function which provides stable flight, and enables the drone automatically lock height and hover to film out of the picture. The voice control feature in the drone enables the aircraft to respond to your voice commands to move forward, backwards, left or right. See what the butterfly sees. Enjoy more realistic colours and clearer picture.
#6. Jumping Robot DroneThis jumping robot drone can jump over any obstacle. It transforms your environment into a giant playground. Kids have loads of fun with this drone by making it jump off anything, anywhere. The design of this drone is just awesome. Buy your kid this jumping drone and watch them jumping up and down of excitement while playing with it.
#7. Pro Mega Tactical Water Sniper Rifle
This sniper rifle shoots water pallets from a distance of 20 metres. This rifle is considered absolutely safe for kids and even adults can have fun with this rifle. Superb fun thing for those who love shooting.