Thing you must Consider Before you buy an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are becoming popular among the people these days, as the air pollution level has risen to an alarming level in most of the regions of India. My dad bought air purifier before the week of Diwali and it served great help and relief. As on Diwali we all know the air pollution was at dangerous levels, mostly in Delhi. If you are thinking to buy one for home, consider the following factors before you buy.

  1. Type of Filter

Basically there are four types of filters – charged media, HEPA, antibacterial and germicidal, and electrostatic precipitator. Make sure that your air purifier has a pre-filter which help to remove pet hair and other large particles. You should also change the filters regularly to increase the purifier’s life span

  1. Size of Room

Air purifiers are available in variety depending upon size of room; they can be compact or heavy ones. Go for one that is made to purify the air for larger space than the actual room size.

  1. CADR rating

CADR – Clean Air Delivery Rate that means how quickly the air purifier will work. Higher the CADR number, better the air filtration. If you are having a larger space to clean, consider air purifier that has higher CADR rating.

  1. Portability and weight

Air purifier should be light in weight and easy to port from one room to another, size and weight matters.

  1. Noise level

As they have fans in them, go for one that makes less noise. You will have disturbance during night is noise is loud.

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