10 Coolest Toys from the smart world

There are hundreds of cool toys in the market but some are really the coolest ones that can entertain you for many hours. Are you ready? Check out the video and the description of the coolest toys that will entertain you for a long time.


#1. Hoverboard
These two- wheel self-balancing scooters now come with LED Light and speaker as well which make them the first choice for anyone who wants to gift to their loved ones a special entertaining yet useful tool on special occasions.

#2. Orphe Smart Footwear
The Orphe is a smart footwear system which makes use of a motion sensor and also has a LED sole inside. There’s an in-built motion sensor that can detect your leg movement in real time. By connecting to smartphone, Orphe may turn into a musical instrument and controller. You can also develop an application compatible with Orphe by using the free SDK.

#3. Trainerbot
Trainerbot is the world’s first smart ping pong tool allowing you to play matches and hold practice sessions with a robot. No human partner is needed. Trainbot is actually a table tennis robot that can be controlled with your smartphone. This robotic playing partner lets you adjust the incoming ball’s spin, direction, and trajectory right from your phone, with a speed control to match your comfort level and the ability to hit anywhere on the table. You can program up to 30 shots in a row, letting you simulate something closer to a real match, and since it’s roughly a foot tall and weighs under 3 pounds, it’s easy to pack along to wherever your favourite table might be.

#4.PowerUp 3.0 – Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
It is the world’s first smartphone controlled paper airplane kit with Bluetooth SMART technology enabling over 10 minutes of flight. It can be controlled by tilting your smartphone or tablet right or left for maneuvering and ascend or descend using the throttle lever. Range: over 180f /55m. Flight speed: 5 Mph

#5.Pocket shot
The Pocket Shot is the evolution of the slingshot. The circular design allows users to load and shoot different projectiles at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot. Perfect for hunters and recreational use as its tiny size allows you to keep it in your pocket, tackle box, or backpack while storing ammo in its watertight compartment.

This small electric buggy has four drive wheels with independent steering and this gives it an amazing cross-country driving ability. The incredible amplitude of movement of the four articulated legs means SWINCAR can be driven up and down slopes and across even the most difficult ground.

Vurtego is the most advanced pogo stick ever created. It is the smoothest pogo stick ride ever with adjustable air pressure that allows anyone to bounce. Vurtego Pogo Sticks are a variation of the traditional pogo stick in which the spring mechanism used for jumping is air, as opposed to a traditional metal coil spring. They are designed as a high-end pogo stick, capable of jumping to extreme heights and enabling riders to perform a wide variety of tricks.

#8.Leaux Racing Trike
The Leaux Racing Trike is a vehicle unlike anything else out there. With a flick of the rear steering handle the rider can take tight turns, drift, and even spin 360 degrees. Get ready to experience the closest thing to a performance race car.

#9. Father.io
The Inceptor is the first portable smartphone device that converts the real world in a huge laser tag arena. Get the Father.IO FPS app, plug the Inceptor into your smartphone and get ready for the most exciting Augmented Reality battle you have ever experienced.

#10. ONAGOfly
It is a palm sized Smart Nano Drone with GPS Auto-Follow and High Res video camera to take better photos.