Cicret Bracelet is a Smartphone in disguise !

A wonderful gadget Cicret Bracelet is about to be launched within a time frame of one and a half year. You will be amazed once you know about the features of this bracelet. This bracelet after being worn on the wrist can work as a mini projector.  It will transform our arm into a smartphone every time we twist it. And how will it do that, by projecting a tablet interface onto our arm. Does it not sound interesting? I too felt the same when my elder brother told me about it.

Now you will be thinking how the bracelet manages such a miracle. To clear your confusion I will share whatever my brother informed me about it. The bracelet consist of

 A pico projector and

 Row of eight proximity sensors that point towards the user's forearm.

Bracelet activates with a turn of our wrist and projects an android interface onto the user's arm. Fingers of the user are detected by sensors; thus allowing it to interact with the interface as they would any other android device.

Cicret Bracelet can make you feel like James Bond on a secret mission. It appears to be so cool. Some of the functionalities are

 You can use social networks on the gadget

 Send and receive your mail

 Browse web

 Check weather

 Use google maps

 Play games

 Pair it with other smartphone and answer incoming calls

 Internet connectivity is provided by Wi-Fi, micro USB port and Bluetooth

 Bracelet has vibration module and accelerometer

 For notification it has LED

 It will be available with 16 and 32 GB memory

Cicret Bracelet is one of those magical gadgets I would love to have. However, it depends upon if my parents will allow me to use it. Anyway I can wait even if they do not give the permission.

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