Best Dinosaur Movies Of All Time For Kids

Do you love dinosaurs? Does the big beasts that roamed the earth billions of years ago fascinate you? Do you have a collection of T-rex, Stegosaurus and the likes on your bedhead? Then my friend, you have what we call is the ‘Dinomitis’. It is a situation wherein your love and fascination with the big lizard like giants outweighs your other toys!
It all started back in 1993, when Steven Spielberg came out with the blockbuster movie ‘Jurassic Park’ that broke all the records worldwide and introduced us to the phenomena of Dinosaurs.

So, here we have put together a list of best dinosaurs movies of all times that you need to watch asap if you haven’t watched them already!

1. Jurassic Park (1993)
This movie started all the dinosaur movie and merchandise franchise! Two paleontologists go on a ride of a lifetime at the first of its kind Jurassic Park that harbors real, live dinosaurs. What could go wrong, right? Check out this amazing movie.

1. Jurassic Park: The Lost World (1997)
A sequel to its first part, this was again a spectacular movie that gave its fans a real fest by unleashing a giant T-rex in the New York City! How would you feel if you find a dinosaur in your backyard?

3. Jurassic Park 3 ( 2001)
The third part in the Jurassic Park series, this movie take you back to the now deserted island where a young child is trapped. Watch this rescue mission that promises thrill, action and even bigger dinosaurs!

4. Jurassic World & Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom
These you might have been familiar with! A new Jurassic park is opened with any dangerous attractions that once again fails to continue its inmates. With better CGIs and VFX this movie franchise is a treat for dino lovers!

Claim yourself to be a big dino fan? Then don’t forget to watch these movies!