Aryaveer asks Dhadak Movie Director—“Kyu Mara?”

Honour killing. There’s nothing new about it. Every year more than 3000 people are being killed in the name of ‘honour’ and the killers are the very own family members of the girl or the boy.

Recently, 8-year-old Aryaveer went to a movie theatre along with his family to watch ‘Dhadak’, a film based on honour killing. Unaware of the concept of honour killing, the abrupt and horrific end left the boy in complete shock. He couldn’t accept the end and repeatedly asked his parents “kyu mara?”, “kyu mara?”. Little boy doesn’t understand caste, religion, honour, etc. He only understands love and the language of love. Honour killing obviously cannot be explained in the language of love. How could anyone give such a horrific treatment to love? Can anyone justify the end of this movie? Is it possible to tell this kid “this is why honour killing is happening in India?”

Check out this heart wrenching video. The boy is still under shock and wants the answer. It is getting very difficult for his family to make him understand why honour killing is so prevalent in our country. It raises so many questions like why is love a crime? Why can’t two people of different castes marry each other? How can a father or a brother kill the little girl of the house they once loved so much or the boy they were once so fond of ? How can they snatch their happiness by suddenly killing them brutally?

Aryaveer questions Dhadak movie director Shashank Khaitan “kyu mara?” Can he explain honour killing to this child?