What to do when you’re stuck waiting for your train?

Each one of your reading this article is planning a trip or has been one recently and it’s always fun to see. Whether you were in the general premises of normal. And those of you reading it without any purpose take a look at our other interesting articles too. We welcome you.

Travelling is fun when you fell the breeze on your face, have engorging views before your eyes. Or just lying under the star light. But what’s really a drag is the waiting. It’s sleepy, anxious and you don’t know what to do.

Well here a few things we think you could do.

And no we did not include plunging your head in your cellphone or iPad playing game and watching movies. Not that you can’t do it. It’s just that we’d like to promote other things.

Network: And no not Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter. But actual talking to people. Call up your friend’s relatives or the person next to you and develop actual human contact. Something for which you don’t usually have time.

Catch up on some reading: this is the best part of holidays. The time gives you to catch up on your reading. Whatever it may be.

A cup of coffee and tea with a little perspective: this is a must. After all this is what you planed this holiday for; to get perspective. And there is no need to wait till you get there to get it.

People watching: it’s not creepy. Foe some intriguing and for others informative. People watching is what you do when you fell the futility of your struggles and have the vision to see others at the same. If you think clearly, it might just enlighten you to the ways of the world.

So chow down on some intellect and chips and wait for your journey to begin.