A “little” act of kindness!

What would you normally expect from your child (age less than 6 years) to ask you in a restaurant with her favourite dish in front of her?  You would either imagine her asking for more or thanking you for bringing her to the place she loves for its yummy food. Guess what the girl in this video asked her father while dining at a restaurant with him.

Yes, the question left us wordless. She asked her father “Can I just give him?”. Means, she wanted to give her food to someone outside the restaurant. It seemed as if this little girl could feel his hunger pangs and therefore, decided to help him.
We must teach our children to show kindness by helping those in need with whatever we have or whatever we could arrange to bring back a lost smile. Helping someone in need is a part of our true nature. And, this nature is in its purest form in small children. The help could be in the form of food, cloths, books or anything which the less privileged cannot afford. Encourage your children for showing such acts of kindness; it’s already there inside them.

The girl in this heartwarming video has touched many hearts by her little act of sweetness. She could have enjoyed her food without even worrying about anything or anyone but she noticed a less fortunate man sitting outside and demonstrated kindness by giving her full plate of food to him.