Kids Slam Karni Sena and Politicians

“Bus ki khidki khad khadke (The windows of the bus rattle)
Nikaal lo saari bhadaas humpe (Take out all your frustration on us)
Aakhir hum toh hain bacche (After all, we are only children)
Vote nahi kar sakte (We do not have a vote)”

The comedy group All India Bakchod, aka AIB has made a short and sweet video ‘An ode to Karni Sena’ on a serious issue that happened recently where Karni Sena vandalised and attacked a school bus by throwing stones on it in Gurugram, allegedly protesting the release of Bollywood film Padmaavat.
The 2.38 min long video strongly condemns the appalling act by Karni Sena. School children were there in the bus when this monstrous act of protest took place.
In this satirical video, a bunch of kids are cheerfully singing a song to the tune of the popular nursery rhyme ‘The wheels on the bus go round and round’. The lyrics of the song focus on major issues which are going in the country and are written so beautifully that every single line gives out a powerful message to the society.
The kidslogic team hopes the message reaches out to a large number of people so that they could understand the current situation of the country. May the voice of these innocent kids wakes up the politicians in power from deep slumber.