Halloween Festival and Fun | Kids Review

I love the Halloween festival, it is just amazing. Last year when I was in America with my mom and dad we celebrated many events over there. We were in America to meet our uncle who runs a car purchase business there.  When we were about to leave to India, uncle insisted us to stay for few more days as one of the biggest festivals Halloween was coming. And believe me, friends we enjoyed the Halloween festival fully, this festival was full of enjoyment. We all dressed up like ghosts and I went to homes of nearby people and gathered candies from them. And when I came back home my dad was working on the computer when dad suddenly saw me, he got afraid at first sight on watching me in the dress of ghost.

I am very happy that uncle asked us to stay for Halloween, I really enjoyed it. It is not celebrated in India at large scale, but I have made my mind that next year I will arrange a Halloween party at my home and will celebrate it with all my friends and their families. Do watch the video in which kids are giving their views about Halloween and how they dress up during the festival. Don’t forget to share your views and do share your experience if any related to the Halloween, in the comment section below. Have a nice day.

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