Facebook Hires an MTV Executive – Mina Lefevre to Create Original Content

Facebook, one of the most popular and well-known social platform is going full swing to push quality videos for its users on its platform as an upgrade. It is to be noted that recently Facebook came up with mid-roll video ads to check if Facebook users go through the entirety of the video content or not. And now testing is done over the use of algorithms to test the quality of video content posted on its platform.

For the same Facebook has been working to make video a central part and as per rumors, it would be creating an app for television boxes such as Apple TV. Facebook has hired MTV executive vice president Mina Lefevre to be its head of development and with its dedicated programming would allow the company to sell ad space in a new area. Making an announcement, MTV executive vice president Mina Lefevre posted on her Facebook profile stating “I have always been drawn to the idea of building something and the idea of being part of the team that helps build Facebook’s original content ecosystem…well, that just seems like a dream!” Friends do share your views on what you think about this new addition by Facebook and hiring MTV Executive Mina Lefevre.

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