Cinderella the PUG

One sunny morning at their wonderful house Cinderella and Trevor were playing cards, but Trevor was…cheating! Trevor was cheating because he wanted to win. He wanted to win because…he is a mischievous dog that hates failing.

“Trevor, can you be nice” Cinderella the pug asked. “NO!” Trevor replied. Cinderella was feeling shocked. Trevor decides to force massive, overweight and dangerous weapons as heavy as an elephant.

He creeps to the cupboard as quick as lighting, and then he takes his bone and throws it on the cupboard to knock off the weapons from the benchtop. He throws them at Cinderella. But Cinderella yelled “STOP!!!”

Trevor gets such a fright when Cinderella screams STOP! That he falls backwards out of the window and lands on a spiky thorn that pokes into his BUM!

“OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!” He screeched.

Trevor became very friendly and after that he never did anything selfish or mean to Cinderella ever again.


Author— Yarav Paneswar

(Yarav is a 7-year-old smart boy, who is quick witted and picks up things very quickly.
He is good at Maths, Solar system and spellings. He even teaches his younger brother who is apparently reluctant to learn Maths & Solar system. Yarav loves watching TV & IPad videos, so he can bottle flip & play Bey Blade. He is quite inquisitive and asks thousands of questions for his age. He remembers all the characters of Pokémon and Bey Blade.  He is quite liked by his friends for his knowledge on the above subjects. He plays Rugby, swimming & Cricket)