Can you wave at strangers, like this cute little girl?

Some body has said it rightly that a child is a reflection of God. Watch this video of a cute little girl wanting to talk to every one riding the escalator close to where she is standing.
She doesn’t know any of them, yet she waves at everyone with a smile. She has no connection with them, yet she treats them all “equally”. For her, there’s no difference between young or old, black or white, male or female. She just wants to meet them all with a smile.

This video is a wonderful example of a perfect world where we all are the same, we all are one. Like a beautiful garden with different flowers of all colours and sizes, all smiling and spreading their fragrance all around. This little girl teaches us how easily we can smile at anyone without even knowing them in a world where we do not have time for even our closed ones, forget about making them happy.
This adorable Asian girl teaches the importance of equality and how we can make a difference by treating everyone the same way with smiling eyes.
Let’s spread the message of love through this cute video in a world full of animosity. And, let’s try to imitate this adorable girl one day by saying hi or bye to anyone we come across. It’s not easy, but you bet it’s worth it!