Kids, Colours and more… Happy Holi !

Happy Holi

Hey guys, here comes the festival of colours and TheKidsLogic team begins the celebration by connecting with the real colours of this beautiful world—Our Kids, who shared with us their views and logic on our very own festival, Holi!!!!!

It is not easy to describe in words how it felt when they talked about their feelings and thoughts on the festival of colours, Holi. Some surprised us, some left us speechless, some made us laugh and some even brought tears to our eyes.
Holi? No, no, I like Diwali more. Why? Because Holi makes our cloths dirty (Oh, these hygiene conscious kids on streets whom we earlier doubted whether they even wash their hands or not. Good to see the impact of “Swachch Bharat” in this corner of the country). Great going, India!

Diwali? No, no, I like Holi more. Why? Because people burst crackers on Diwali and hurt themselves. Many accidents happen during Diwali only. Yes, a little girl told this to us and left us stunned.

We even tried to talk to a 3-year old and asked him if he likes Holi. He said YES. But, you know why? Because he finds it ‘soft’! Awwww, that is so cute! People, we have got a lesson from it. Play Holi safely, with organic colours and don’t hurt anyone with balloons, they are obviously not soft. Thank you, baby!

And, there’s one die-hard fan of Varun Dhawan with “acting ka keeda” who might not be much interested in Holi but was just perfect with his “dialogue delivery” on the festival. It seemed as if David Dhawan has himself given him the lines. Seriously, his acting did bring smile on our face and hope you would also enjoy seeing him speaking on Holi like a hero. Superb!

Oh! How could we forget about this girl who talked in accent on her favourite festival Holi like a model. She loves to throw colours and balloons on others but doesn’t like it when someone else does the same with her. Why? Because she loves her “hair” too ☹ She can’t allow anyone to mess with them. Hair’s the Holi festival. But, she loves both. Hahahaha!

Let’s watch this vast sky of talent that is full of little stars with different thoughts and feelings on the festival of colours. Happy Holi 😊