Now You can Ask Siri to read out your WhatsApp messages: New version Siri can now read WhatsApp messages out loud on iOS


As per news coming out from Apple, WhatsApp has updated its iOS app while adding improved support for SiriKit. With this new improved SiriKit, users can use Siri to read out new messages, and this feature will be helpful for those who are visually impaired or unable to look at their phone’s screen, such as while driving. In short, if you are using WhatsApp on iOS, then you can ask your “intelligent assistant” Siri to read out latest messages for you while you can go hands.

In order to do so while using this Facebook-owned chat app, you simply have to say: “Hey Siri, read new WhatsApp messages.” As per the latest report in Engadget, the new version brings the feature to users running iOS 10.3 on their devices. The feature will make it easier to keep in touch with family and friends but more importantly, it is seen as a significant contribution towards vehicle safety by keeping eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. With the new version,  it is also possible to select multiple statuses at once and forward or revoke them. Friends, this was all, do watch the video I have linked below and don’t forget to share your views and suggestions in the comments section. Have a great day all.

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