The most popular game is back with a new update

Hey guys, we are back with 0.11. Ohho this is not the score of any test. Keep guessing. Oh! Leave it! You didn’t get it man!!!!! PUBG Mobile 0.11 UPDATE man!!!! So lets talk about what it will consist of….

I. Moonlight to vikendi (means from the match starting you will get a night feel means night mode)
II. Added player spaces
III. Added resident evil 2 main menu theme and music
IV. Sanhok map is added in – quick match (means if you are playing quick match so you can get sanhok map in it)
V. Past result are now kept upto 1 month only
VI. Fixed terrian display bugs for budget devices
VII. And now the main thing that we were waiting for… our zombie mode

So guys these are all the things that are coming in PUBG Mobile 0.11. Now when can we play it??? From 19th February
So what are you waiting for?? Go and play. Oh exams time. Mom is not allowing to play the game? Don’t worry. Study so much that your mom would be happy and then you can ask her for half an hour break like me. Yaar padhna bhi zaruri hai. But in that break you can play PUBG Mobile like me. Hehehe. Nice idea na?? Do let me know if you could play the game. I am waitng. Bye bye guys. Now let me study. Hehe.

Written by
Shivam Singh
( A class 9 student)