WhatsApp new update will let you share all kids of file.

As years pass by more and more companies turn to WhatsApp as their primary form of communication. WhatsApp has been the go-to app for all audio, video, picture and word doc sharing. You had to use a few workaround for files that it did not support but now that also won’t be a problem. WhatsApp in its latest update is planning to introduce features which will allow you to share any file format you want like apk, mp3, zip and more.

According to WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp new feature may soon roll out across all platforms leaving the hindrance of going through cloud or Google drive to share files behind. The update will shorten the time wasted in sharing larger files by allowing you to just attach them with chats. Although it is not clear what the size limitations will be but it is rumored to be around 128mb for iOS and 100mb for androids.

There was a time when WhatsApp was laughed at for its inability to provide updates irrespective or its large user base but since its acquisition by Facebook, it has new updates every week. The latest is all file share update which will surely please users around the globe.

The team is also working on introducing new features like live location sharing, payment and the neat facility to send structured messages.

WhatsApp has surely grown into its big boy pants in the past few years and such features are essential to make the app intuitive to use.