Android Gamers vs. IOS Gamers

This video is very interesting because it shows the comparison between Android Gamers and IOS Gamers. You might be using an Android phone or iphone. It doesn’t matter. This video is for entertainment only, please don’t take it very seriously. If you have lot of money you can buy iphone but there are many good android phones also. Chalo let’s watch the video which talks about…

1. Budget
Iphone are mostly dream phones because of their high prices. Iphone gamers have different kind of attitude but android users don’t care much about it.

2. Gaming Experience
Mehnga phone hoga to experience will also be good. Chalo let’s play PUBG mobile…wow!!! So good speed but Android gamers are also playing very well. Even if they have money they prefer Android. Apna apna taste hai.

3. Sharing Games
Now this is a very important point. It is easy for Android users to share games with their friends. If you and your friend are both android users you can share game files with each other but if you are using iphone and ask you Android user friend, he will say “Sorry bro I am an android user”, Dude, using expensive thing doesn’t make you cool. It’s your wish. Waise I am also an IOS user. Kya karu, phone was gifted by my mom. Oops!

Written by-
Piyush Aggarwal
(A class 9 student)