Salman Khan and Mithun Da in funny mood on DID L’il Masters Season 2

Do you love dance shows? I love them very much and I am sharing this video with you all because this is one of my favourite videos. Whenever DID Li’l Master show comes on tv I always watch it and I love it when the judges and guests do some masti on the show. This video is special because it has my favourite star Salman Khan who does some funny things on the show with Mithun Da, the grand master in this dance show.

A little kid requests Salman Khan and Mithun Da to ride a bicycle and compete with him. They both agree and everyone couldn’t stop laughing by seeing them riding like kids. It is too funny. And then all three of them did more masti. I don’t want to tell here more. You should watch the video yourself. This will make you laugh for sure.

This video shows that no matter how young or old we are, we all have a kid inside us and we all love to do funny things like kids and play like kids sometimes. We should always keep that kid alive inside us. It makes us happy, healthy and fit. This is what my grandfather tells me. Thanks you.

Written by
Shrishti Goyal
(A class VIII student)