Multi-talented boy on DID Li’l Master stunned everyone

DID L’il Masters Season 3 — ‘Bacchagiri’ saw so many talented kids on the show who left the judged stunned by their performances. Sachin was one such participant who was just too good! He not only danced on the song “Kurbaan Hua” but also did mimicry of Sunny Deol, Akshay Kumar and Nagarjuna by saying their dialogues from Bollywood movies.

His performance was just superb. Judges asked him why he has come on dance show, he should go on acting shows. Yes, his acting was so real that judges felt as if he was saying all that to them with fire in his eyes. This is not the end of the story. You know what he did after this?

He did shayari. Yes. He requested Geeta Maa, one of the judges from the show, to come on the stage and the way he did shayari was like that of a professional. Sachin is a multi talented boy and DID L’il Master has found this talent for the world.

Watch this video and see how well he danced and acted. He doesn’t need to join any acting school. Just a little bit of polishing is enough. Superb, minblowing, awesome. Dance was just the beginning for this little talent. He could have go on and on but because of the time, judges had to stop him.

Geeta Maa even told him he doesn’t need to bring anyone along. There are so many souls living inside him. Hawww! This was scary. But the boy laughed. He understood what she was trying to say. He acted so well and did so fine mimicry, it seemed as if different people were speaking through him. Sachin is truly a Li’l Master.