A little kid sings like a pro on “The Voice India Kids”

We all love to listen to songs. Some like old more and some new. And people love it more when little kids perform on stage to sing or dance. Fazil sings beautifully and I love his voice so much that I felt like sharing one video on The Kids logic website. In this video he sings the song “Pardesi pardesi”. You know what?

I got goosebumps every time I listen to this song and seeing a little boy singing like a playback singer makes me so happy. Thanks to the reality shows for giving a platform to kids. This gives us a chance to showcase our talent at such a young age.

Singing, dancing, acting, art and craft, photography, there are so many options available for the kids now a days that we don’t have to bother if we are not good in maths or chemistry. It is not easy but for those who are born with talents these are magical platforms.

I wish all those who have some very good talent to get a chance like Fazil to perform in front of the whole world through television or internet. Thanks to digital era for giving us a new world to explore.

Please watch Fazil singing on The Voice India Kids show. He impressed the judges Himesh Reshammiya, Shaan, Papon and Palak Muchhal. And of course the audience and the whole world . If your kid has some talent like this, please don’t stop him. You should encourage him and find teachers to improve the skills instead of stopping him and telling him to study all the time.

A happy kid does better in everything not the one who is always stopped from doing what he loves to do the most. You never know your kid could be a future star. Hope you understand.

Written by
Himanshu Khetrapal
(A class IX student)