A Very Happy Sunday Funday to all!

Math Jokes for Kids
Finally, after waiting for six long days, Sunday is here, once again. No school, no office, no work, only fun.  That is why, Sunday = Funday when we can add more sleep, more fun, more happiness, more masti, and a lot more to this day. So, let’s add some more fun this Sunday and make it a joy-filled, laughter-filled, happiness-filled and magic-filled day. Let’s start with some jokes. Funny maths jokes for kids. Yes, dear parents! Exams are over. Maths fever is gone. Let’s share some math jokes with the little ones and help reduce the fear of maths from their minds. Let’s help them fall in love with the subject.
Here are some of the funny math questions in the video with answers you could have never imagined.
1. What did the math teacher name her cow? 2. What is a swimmer’s favourite math?
3. What did one triangle say to the other?

Do you think you know the answers? Check out the video to see if you are right. Even if not, you are surely going to laugh or smile. 😊
Which means,
Sunday = Do whatever you want day and that makes it a Funday.
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