Time travel is possible NOW!

Guys, what would be your reaction if you get a stone that can take you into the future? Just imagine. I would love it if I get something that can take me into the past or the future. This video is of a gamer who can’t think about anything but games and games just like me. You know what? When he is playing his favourite game Fortnite he gets a box.

He opens it and what he finds is a message with that stone which says “This is a Time Travelling Stone and this can be used by saying time and date with year”. He says the date “28/9/2053 at 10 am. He thinks it is fake and someone is playing a prank on him but he is wrong!!!! He couldn’t believe what he sees next!

He is shocked to see a round ball. It is ready to take him to the future. He decides to take the risk. He says the date. Then what! He jumps and travels and finds himself into the future in his own house.

Then what? Why don’t you see the video and see him playing the game in the future. Yes, in future also he is playing games. Hehehe! There is no Fortnite. Only GTA Real Game. Wow! But friends, this video is completely for entertainment purpose so don’t take it seriously ok? BYE.

Written by
Manas Jain
(A class 9 student)