Male and female huskies react different when see their owner crying

It’s a funny video of two huskies and their owner who plays a prank on them. He pretends to be sad and crying and wants to check his dogs’ reactions. Watch the video to see how these two cute huskies react to his being sad or crying.

See when both the huskies are together, both male and female, and just when the owner starts crying, both the huskies react differently. One barks uncontrollably and the other one is calm. The male husky is aggressive and doesn’t stop barking.

He is worried and then gets angry at the female husky who is sitting quietly and not even barking a little. Hehe. It seems the male husky is saying to the female husky “Can’t you see he is crying? Why are you not worried? You are so mean? Bark you stupid bark a little, show your anger.” But, the female husky is still quiet.

Now when the owner tries this prank with both of them separately, the male husky, whose name is Rupert, gets into action instantly. He barks and tries to console the man. This way the owner gets to know that Rupert cares!!!

Now when Millie, the female husky, sees the owner crying, she puts her 2 legs on his shoulders quietly as if saying to him “I am there with you, please stop crying.” This way the owner gets to know that she also cares but in a different way. She doesn’t need to bark to show his concern for him.

So after watching this video, if you have fallen in love with husky and decided to own one then here are a few facts about them. They are full of energy, loyal and loving to their owners. They are better in colder climate and sometimes comical.