Laughter tip to beat the board exam stress

Is your child appearing for board exams this year? Is he studying well or not? Are you feeling stressed out? Bas bhi karo yaar. The board exams come every year to scare us. But, not anymore. Exams he to hai. A piece of paper can’t decide your child’s future. We are not saying this. Google it and you will find that it is a famous quote by Thomas Edison. Now don’t ask who he was. Google it and find out.

Waise everyone knows him well. Oh! So, where were we? Yes, board exams. Take a break and watch this hilarious video on board exams by Piyush Sharma, a standup comedian who talks about his own funny observations around board exams and results. Everyone can relate to each line he says like how we answer the 1 mark question in just line and if the same question comes for 2 marks, the way of answering the question changes. Sab karte hai. Humne bhi kiya tha. And, when the same 1 mark question becomes 10 marks question (it seldom happens though), every subject or topic looks like the one from History. Hehehe. Nahi toh kya likhoge. Itna toh padha bhi nahi hota.

Anyway, marks are important but not more than your health and happiness. Take care of yourself and your children’s health specially during exam time. Parents take more stress that children. It’s a fact. You remain peaceful and help your children also to stay calm and focused. Do not let the board exams become a source of stress for your children. Make them understand that these are not life’s exams. Life takes more difficult tests, and these exams just prepare us to face tougher challenges in the future. That’s it. Watch this video and ‘enjoy the exam time’. Pehli baar suna hoga. Hehe!