Meet this 5-year-old Geography Expert

Meet Nate, now a 6-year-old geography expert. You will be amazed to see how fast he answers all the Geography questions, adding a pinch of humour to every answer.

He perfectly knows about almost all the countries and their flags. You ask him and even before you finish your question, he will surprise you with his answer.
This little kiddo even showed his drawings of what lives in each country. Antarctica had a penguin, Africa had a tiger and Russia had a Trump. Trump? Yes, that’s what he said. Amazing, isn’t it! His sense of humour deserves to be applauded. But why did he say Trump? “Because Trump likes Russia,” he said. Hahahahaha! Kids look really innocent but in reality, they are much smarter than the adults. This kid and his logic, Oh My God! Hats off to this “Kid’s Logic.” It might have brought a smile on even Trump’s face. Don’t know…just guessing.