And, the kids decide to help the homeless…

It is always a bliss to watch kids on or off screen. They are such pure hearted beings. There is so much to learn for us from these innocent beings. It is rightly said that God is present everywhere and could be seen in the form of kids on this Earth.
In this amazing video, a few kids were given a dollar and they were observed how they went about spending it.

On one side, the kids saw a homeless man sitting on the street and on the other side, there was an ice cream stand. Almost all the kids, without a second thought, gave the dollar to the homeless man. It is so beautiful to see little kids having such a big heart.
And, when, in the end, a girl was given a dollar, she went and bought an ice cream. Her father looked disappointed in the beginning though, he couldn’t control his smile when he saw her giving that ice cream to the homeless man.

Let’s share what we have with the world. Let’s learn this lesson from these kids today. Kudos to all the kids in the world!