Teach your kids how to be smart about strangers!

Parents, it is your responsibility to teach your kids how to be smart about strangers. When your kids should and shouldn’t talk to strangers. How they can avoid taking anything they offer.
Please share this video as much as possible and talk with your kids on this topic.

Teach them the lessons they need to learn. How they should react to anything coming from strangers. How they could avoid taking anything from them, no matter how much they like what they offer. Tell them they can get whatever they want from you- the parents. They don’t need any strangers to fulfill their wishes. And, taking anything from strangers with bad intentions could put their life in dangers.
Yes, it is important to scare your children a bit. It is important for their own safety. Their life is more important than anything else for you.
Watch this prank and a social experiment that shows how important it is to teach your kids regarding those “perfect strangers”! They might be carrying your kids’ favourite candies or toys. And, these strangers could even tell your kids that “kids shouldn’t take anything from them because they are strangers”. Then the kids might get confused and end up accepting what they offer. Scary! Isn’t it? How would those innocent kids figure out the real intentions behind those sweet words? And then, you can imagine the worst.
Show your kids this video and share it as much as possible so that others could also watch it and share with their kids as well to teach them how their little ones could save themselves from those “friend like strangers”.