Why Mobile Phones Are Dangerous For Kids ?

Right from our morning alarm, to our schedule keeper, to our source of entertainment-smartphones have taken over everything. These tools of communication were meant for adults can be often found in the hands of young kids like yours. Children as young as 2 years old these days, are operating a smartphone like a pro!

While you can find a lot of educational videos and stuff for your kids, excess of anything is bad. And, here we are talking about technology that emits harmful radiation whose prolonged usage is quite harmful for us especially kids.
Take a look at these 4 harmful effects of using smartphones for kids and you might decide to restrict their mobile usage!

1. Adverse effect on kids health

Radiations emitted from smartphones are known to adversely affect children twice as much as the adults. It is due to kids’ thinner brain tissues and growing cells in the body that makes it easy for the radiation to harm them. The result is, your kid can be often found with tired and itchy eyes, slower responses etc.

2. Ill effect on academics

More the time kids spent using smartphones, little time would be left to focus on their studies. Kids found on smartphones for longer periods, often neglect their schoolwork and tend to procrastinate.

3. Hampers social life

When kids are on the smartphones whole day, where would they find the time or inclination to go out and play or meet their friends? Kids with excessive usage of smartphones have a hard time interacting even with their families and are always annoyed or irritated.

4. Access To Inappropriate Content Online

With smartphones, your kids have access to all kinds of adult content, which is not suitable for their developing minds. Exposure to such content in early life often leads to many disorders in child.

Your kids are your responsibility. Stop leaving them at the mercy of smartphones!