WHEN WE WERE KIDS | What Happens When we Grow Up ? Powerful Inspiration

Hello, friends hope you are are doing well, friends today I am going to talk about the change that we get when we grow up. We do face some change, and we often get weak from inside when we are unable to solve a problem. Friends when I was a little kid I was not so serious, I totally enjoy everything around me and try to play with almost anything to understand and learn more. This is not just me all kids are like this, and as we grow up, we forget all this and get busy with life as these days I am busy with my exams.

My brother was saying that as we grow up, we get trapped in mass thinking, we start copying all the people around us, and we often forget the dreams that we had when we were kids. We start listening to people around us and think like they think. Friends mene to soch leya hai I will follow my dream because they are mine if I would no work on them, who else would? Friends do watch the inspiring video that I have linked below and don’t forget to share your views in the comments section.

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