Video of Indigo pilot taking blessings of mother’s goes viral

Indigo Pilot Pradeep Krishnan might have been an ordinary man for many till now. But this viral video, where he touched his mother’s and grandmother’s feet, made him an extra ordinary man. He was flying them to Singapore for the first time and made his way through passengers on the plane to reach to them and seek their blessings before going to the cockpit. The blessings of the family has made his dream come true. He first started flying in 2007 as a co-pilot and the flight bound Singapore from Chennai was his first flight as a pilot.

The message this video is giving to all the parents is the sanskars (values) that we give to our kids. He didn’t bother about the people in the flight or what they would think of him seeing him doing it in the middle of the flight. Those values have taken him there without shying away from doing it in the public.
Whoever saw this video was touched by seeing him seeking blessings of his family and the happiness on the faces of his mother and grandmother cannot be described.

And now, the lessons learnt after watching this video:
The values we teach our children cannot happen in a day or two. Consistency is the key. It is our every interaction with our children that make them or break them. We don’t have to tell them what to do and how. They watch us, they listen to us, they overhear us saying things that get etched in their minds. We have to be watchful of our own behaviour in front of them. We have to keep in check our own values that would automatically transmit in them. Pradeep Krishnan is showing what he has learned from his parents.

What he has seen them doing. Let’s not give lecture to our kids on values. Our action would be enough to teach them. Words would have no value if they won’t see us practicing what we preach. Our blessings would have no power without the good values.

Pradeep Krishnan’s dream came true with the blessings of his family; because of the good values he got from them.