Teach kids how to prevent kidnapping

Kidnapping has always been one of the most dreaded words in the world. It is not easy to even feel the pain of the one who goes through it. It’s so painful to see so many kids getting kidnapped every year. Every moment of those parents is a nightmare. They can’t eat, sleep or live a normal life till they find the piece of their heart. So many kids disappear from many countries in the world every day. In India alone, as per the 2017-18 report of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), over 54000 children were kidnapped in 2016.

What are we doing about it? Nothing. We just read the news in the newspaper or check the news sites in our laptops or mobile apps and feel bad for the families who suffer this unbearable pain. Yes, some do share the pictures of the missing kids on social media but that is not enough. We should not let this happen and take steps to prevent children from being kidnapped.

Here’s one very useful video we have found for our viewers on how to prevent kidnapping. This is from China in which it is shown how kids can save themselves and you can teach the simple techniques to your kids by showing this video to them. China took the initiative because as many as 2 lakh kids are kidnapped in China every year and sold openly online, as per the media reports. Child trafficking is extremely prevalent not only in China but in India too. We should do something to save the kids from being kidnapped. Let’s teach them these simple techniques to our kids to prevent kidnapping attempts. Let’s do our bit. Let’s share this video as much as possible to save our future—the kids.