Playstations vs playgrounds

Expensive video games, online games and playstations are pushing an increasing number of kids to play soccer, cricket and other games lying down. Yes, today, playgrounds are shrinking as ornamental parks meant for yoga, brisk and leisure walkers, and now there is no space for lung-screaming games. Technology has destroyed playgrounds.

#1. Online games are ruining health

Kids today are far less active than their parents were at the same age. Now the little time they get after completing their school home work, they prefer to be ‘active’ on a PlayStation or Xbox. And, unfortunately, today, more importance is given to posting selfies on social media than playing sport in a playground.

#2. Fitness is life

Playgrounds need to exist because fitness is life. India, the world’s diabetic capital needs many more to come out and walk, run and eventually play. In Delhi, children constitute nearly half of the city’s populace. Their voice should be heard. Sports like soccer, crickets, lawn tennis and badminton should be made mandatory for kids by the parents.
Parents should also send their kids to sport academies atleast thrice a week for not less than 2 hours.

#3. Kids follow their parents

If parents are seen always busy with their smart phones, what lessons they are teaching to their kids? How could they expect them to leave their phones when they themselves cannot spend even a minute without these gadgets. Dear parents, please understand. Kids are watching you. You can teach them better by doing what you want them to do. Leave your phones, chit chat with them, take them out for a walk and play badminton or tennis with them. Be what you want them to be.

#4. Green is good

Green is good. Let green stay but share the grass for both, slow walk and brisk games. Surely, they can co-exist and compliment each other. Encourage kids to play in the grounds. Do not allow them to play online games because it’s cool and every kid plays such games. Let them use the smart phones but also keep a watch on them.

#5.Playgrounds produce legend

Our country’s dusty grounds have produced gutsy cricketers like Virat Kohli, Virendra Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir and the legendary Bishen Bedi. They would have surely failed if parents had pushed them indoors with expensive gizmos.