Help These ‘Future’ Olympic Gold Medalist On the Streets

Everyone is so familiar with the word gully cricket. We watch kids playing cricket in the narrow streets of various colonies and imagine one of them to be a cricket star. But, how many of us have given a thought to ‘gully gymnastic’? Yes, we are talking about those talented kids who perform on the red signals day and night to earn just a few bucks. They showcase their talent to people who just wait until the red signal turns green.

Many of them don’t even open their window glasses to appreciate their performances. It’s a pity that people treat them like beggars who are so much capable of earning gold medal for the country. These kids are wasting their talent on the streets but nobody is there to hold their hand and help them to walk the track that could take them to the Olympics.These kids are performing so well without any proper training. Imagine, if they are given proper training, what they can achieve!

The Kids Logic team requests the government to take some steps to provide these kids a platform where they can learn and enhance their skills with proper training. There are many like them in our country and performing on so many signals barefoot in all weather conditions.

If the scorching summer heat and chilly winter winds can’t stop them, can you imagine how well they can do if given a chance to perform in conducive atmosphere?Please come forward to help these kids showcase their talent at the right place, help them reach there where they deserve to be. Share this video as much as possible so that it reaches the right authorities. Your one click could work like a magic wand for these kids. Let’s take a step for our future Olympic gold medalists.