Dog mom sweetly protects her puppy from human baby

This is such a cute video of a dog mom that keeps protecting her puppy from human baby who tries harder and harder to take the puppy away from her. The human baby is crying badly but it is not melting the heart of the dog mom. She is, after all, a mother, and, a mother can’t see her child in trouble. The dog mom must have thought that this baby is kidnapping the puppy and that’s why she is not letting him go away with the puppy.

The baby keeps crying and trying to get one puppy from the group of puppies she has given birth to, but dog mom is a mom and no one can beat the mother’s love, no one can come in the way of a mom when she is there to save her children. And, did you notice one thing? Dog mom is calmly taking her puppy away from the baby. She is not harming the human baby, she is not looking angry, and she is not barking. Dog mom is showing love towards human baby also while telling him through her actions that he cannot take the puppy away. How sweet!

Dog mom is not giving any lesson here. She is just reminding the world that it’s better not to take any ‘panga’ from a mother (not to come in the way of a mother who is there to protect her children). No one can dare to harm a child in front of a mother. Mother’s power is equivalent to God’s power. God has created mother because He can’t be everywhere, all the time. To take care of his creations, He has created mothers. And, here’s one message also that mom is a mom, whether she is a human mom or dog mom. There’s no difference in her feelings, her heart, and in her love for her kids.