Passing In Real Life Tests Should Matter More

This is such an amazing and heart touching video that will definitely melt your heart. And, the valuable lesson it gives will surely going to stay with you for life.

It’s a story of a cute puppy who is thrown out of the school because he fails the tests. But soon he passed in a real-life exam. Yes, the cute puppy in the video shines when put in a real-life situation despite failing the school tests.

This story teaches us that we should not judge anyone basis their size, color, or grades in school, college or at work. We all are capable of winning if we want to, if we decide. Then, no one can beat us. Grades in school are not grades for life. Our bad grades in school or tough phase at work might make us feel that we are not good enough but we all have that is required to be successful in life. We just have to believe in ourselves. We just have to put our mind and heart together and repeat to ourselves that we are no less than anyone in this world. This world belongs to us like everyone else.

The world and all its good energies would be there for us if we would feel it as a part of us. Failure at school or work life doesn’t matter if we know how to succeed in real life. That’s what makes us a hero, a star, and an achiever.

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