It’s your big heart that makes you rich, and not money

Your big pocket doesn’t make you rich. If you have a big heart, then you are amongst the richest people on this earth. This heart melting story of a poor man could make anyone cry, for it shows how the poor could be more generous than the wealthy people, how the poor doesn’t care for the little money he has for the sake of a child’s happiness. That child is his employer’s son who gave him mere Rs 50 to buy ration, and, which he spent on buying ice cream for that so-called rich man’s son.

There’s a lesson for the rich man who neglected his servant’s son and brazenly ate maggi in front of the poor, little boy without even caring to ask him if he is hungry.

No, money doesn’t make anyone rich. It doesn’t matter if you have little or surplus money, if you can’t help the needy, if you can’t think about others, then the money you have is of no use, then there’s no one in this world as poor as you.

It’s a heart touching story of a rich man from heart who, despite having no money for the basic needs for his family, doesn’t hesitate to spend on buying happiness for the little boy whose father didn’t even look nicely at his own son who was sitting on the floor, watching him eating maggi which is every child’s favourite food. However, in the end, the rich man, by seeing the poor man taking care of his son so well, feels guilty. He seems to have realised his mistake.

The video teaches lessons to those who just keep money in their pockets but no feelings in their hearts. Those lessons are:
1. Be kind
2. Be caring
3. Be sensitive
4. Be thoughtful
5. Be wise