1098—’A Horrific Reality’ on Child Abuse

It’s not an easy film to talk about. In fact, it’s not just a film. It’s a heart wrenching reality that many children have to deal with once in their life. It’s horrific. It’s so painful to see children going through such pain even in movies. One can’t imagine the helplessness of these small children when they have to deal with such monsters in real life.

It must be so difficult for them to talk about such incidents when they don’t even know what’s happening with them. They are too young to understand all this. They don’t’ even understand how to explain this ‘abuse’ to their parents or anyone else.

This short film on Child Abuse shows how a small child has to go through sexual abuse and when he doesn’t perform well in exams, his parents ill-treat him and don’t even wait to listen what he wants to say. He tries to explain to them but they choose to walk away. Such parents fail to spot the signs of ‘child abuse’.
Yes, child abuse— when we read so much about it in newspapers. Child abuse—when there are so many movies on the subject. Child Abuse— where the child is not even aware of what is happening to him or her.

1098 is not just a movie and it’s not just a number. It’s a 24 hours helpline for children in distress. Child abuse is a criminal offence. It affects normal development of a child, impairing their mental, physical and social well-being.
Listen to your child when he wants to say something to you. See if he is behaving differently. Notice if he wants to say something but hesitates and avoids talking to you. Have you noticed any drop in his performance? Has your child stopped laughing or talking lately? These could be the signs of child abuse. Such movies are an eye opener for the parents and the society. Help your child before he calls on 1098. Protect your child from sexual abuse. Teach them the skills to prevent sexual abuse.