She Worked There for 16 Years. Now They Don’t Need Her.

Aaji is an emotional story of a maid who is unable to work properly because of her old age. Usha Nadkarni, who played the role of old house help, has already won millions of hearts with her outstanding performance. In this film, she has been working for 16 years in a house and loved the family like her own.

Despite her dedication and hard work, the family, though with a heavy heart, decides to keep a new maid as it is difficult for a lower middle-class family to keep two maids or support one without making her do any work.

But, why is it so difficult for people to help someone? Why can’t people share little from their plate with the needy? Don’t they throw the stale food in dustbin? Then why can’t they give it to someone before the food goes stale? The problem is not with earning less, it is the inability to think for the people who depend on us to earn their daily bread. Moreover, it is not less than a sin to make an old person work for money. Perhaps, being poor and old is the biggest curse in our country. Nobody needs you if you are old and poor as well. Aaji is amongst the best Indian short films that invokes thoughts. Watch for yourself.