The Kids Logic stars shine at the Streamcon Asia 2019

The presence of the Kids Logic team at the Streamcon Asia 2019 event –one of the largest events in Asia—on March 9, 219, says it all about the clear vision and incredible passion of the people and kids behind this cute digital venture. The Kids Logic team was very excited to be there and the star of the night was none other than our chulbula Aryaveer who left the audience in awe with his amazing confidence and spontaneity.

Another rising star of the Kids Logic Aryan Nath was also there to support his younger brother and tell the audience that the future is bright with the involvement of kids in the online industry. These two most important members of the Kids Logic were accompanied by the co-founder, Ritu Nath, the super mom, who shared with the audience how it all started. “We all make videos, take pictures but then we find it hard to save everything. Then I thought why not upload all these on YouTube so that it stays with us for a lifetime. That is how the idea of starting the Kids Logic YouTube channel emerged and we began to upload kid videos and reviews of movies, games and toys. Then, we started enjoying it a lot and the digital platform became our way to connect with the world through the kids,” said Ritu. “We have also started a new series for interviews “Kids want to know” where Aryaveer took the interview of Aarshdeep, a 10 year old wildlife photographer,” she added. On this, Aryaveer couldn’t stop himself from sharing the future plans of the Kids Logic with the audience. “We are planning to take interviews in the future too.” On this, he got a huge round of applause.

The Kids Logic YouTube channel and website are not just any other digital platforms. They are for the future, by the future and from the future. Yes, these platforms are owned and run by the kids only who are the future. And, that’s how the tagline for The Kids Logic —watch your future—was finalised.

*StreamCon Asia 2019 is a one-stop congregation for content creators, video platforms, advertisers and fans of the online video industry. Online video is transforming the way we engage with the world and StreamCon Asia aims to give voice to the new faces of digital video by planting the seeds for the next generation of creators.