Mark Zuckerberg’s robot AI butler Jarvis

You all must have seen the AI Jarvis in the movie Iron Man, where the robot helps the Ironman (Tony Stark) to fight with the wrong people. Friends the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg recently shared two videos on Facebook related to the new AI project on which he is working for a long time. People are calling the new AI as Zuckerberg’s own butler Jarvis who listen to the commands of Mark.

My elder brother was saying the Mark Zuckerberg has installed the Butler AI in his household after years of coding over the project, although it is not fully ready, the concept is coming into shape as per Mark’s point of view. The video that Mark has shared in which he is interacting with the AI Jarvis has already gone viral and got millions of hits. I wish I could have such an AI at my home; I will tell Jarvis to do my homework. Hope Mark uncle will complete the work on Jarvis soon so that I can have one with me. Friends do watch the videos and share your suggestion if you think anything can be added to the Jarvis, do share in the comments section.

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