Is there no chance for peace between India and Pak?

India follows the policy of no attack first unless forced to do so. There are no records of India attacking Pakistan first since independence. In fact, India has never attacked Pakistan. It’s always Pakistan who makes the first move and always loses the war later. However, this time, it is not about Pakistan or anything against Pakistan. It is the war against terrorism.
In 2016, the surgical strikes on terror launch pads across the line of control took place in the wake of URI terror attack in which our 17 army personnel were killed and many were injured. Then also our Prime Minister cleared that India did not attack anyone. The perpetrators of the attack just faced the consequences of their horrendous actions.

Recently, in the worst Pulwama terror attack, atleast 40 brave CRPF jawans were martyred. The nation’s blood is still boiling and our PM has also declared that the times for talks have passed. Peace talks with Pakistan have always been in vain since many decades. He even said this to media,“Hum kisi ko chedhte nahi par naye Bharat ko agar koi chedega toh hum use chodhte nah”. (We don’t attack anyone first but if anyone attacks us, the new India does not spare him).

India has never been in favour of any war but we can’t see our soldiers dying every day. We will not tolerate it. Though war is not a solution but what to do? Why doesn’t Pakistan understand that we have nothing against them? We just want them to fight against terrorism with us and not allow its territory to be used by terrorists. But, it seems Pakistan has no control over anything and that is why our IAF jets had to cross the Line of Control to destroy the terrorist camps in Pakistan. It was the first Indian airstrike inside Pakistani territory since 1971 war.

India is a peace loving country but if Pakistan doesn’t stop the terrorist activities on its land, India will break Pakistan into pieces. Now the question arises- is there any chance for peace between the two countries? Will there be war? Share with us your opinion.