Facebook Launches ‘Profile Picture Guard’

Does the paranoia of your Facebook profile being used somewhere else hit you sometime? Well, apparently that is going to be a non-issue in your life as Facebook has launched two new feature for India- “profile picture Guard” and “profile picture design”. Profile picture theft is a serious problem in India and Facebook who has more than 200 million users in India has decided to do something about it.

The new pilot tool will give users the following control over their profile picture.

Other people will no longer be able to download, share or send profile picture in a message on Facebook.

People who you are not friends with will not be able to tag themselves or anyone else, in your profile picture.

Where possible the screen guard will prevent people from taking a screenshot of your picture.

It displays a blue border and shield around your profile to give a visual cue of protection.

Facebook says it has developed this tool in partnership with Center for Social Research, Learning link Foundation, Breakthrough, and Youth Ki Awaaz owing to the great concern of Indian women in uploading their profile pictures.

Nevertheless, the guard does not relieve all concerns. It is unable to, for example, prevent other users from taking the photo of the profile picture using another phone or camera or share it on other platforms. Indian women will have to apply the guard and the overlapping design to curb misuse of their profile picture other than that it is a welcome step.

Facebook has shown that people across the globe have different problems and as a service provider, you should always endeavor to solve them.