This brave Mumbai cancer survivor’s story is touching hearts on the Internet

‘Everyone is fighting some battle or the other — cancer has taught me to respect the struggle of everyone around me and treat them with kindness.’

  • One woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in India.
  • For every 2 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, one woman dies of it in India.
  • As many as 2,500 persons die every day due to tobacco-related diseases in India.

Don’t know what works for people, stats or spirit, but we thought we’ll give a little bit of both. Because the harsh truth is that people die every day, more often than most they die due to cancer. A disease that strips you of your sanity, crippling you before it devours you whole.

But, sometimes, some spirits are stronger than its will to break them. They take cancer head on and send it running. Today we are here with one such story of light. In a struggle for life where most people succumb to depression or give up. This brave Mumbai cancer survivor has found a new way of looking at cancer.

In a post on Facebook on 12th June, Pooja Khanna says, that having cancer has changed her perspective on life. She looks at cancer not as a disease but a blessing.  Pooja in the post confesses that at the beginning the news was hard to digest, she couldn’t believe it was happening. She had taken care of her health all her life, watched what she was eating and when she was eating it. Yet, she was in the grips of this gruesome disease. But as soon as she accepted the news and found the courage to fight it. Cancer gave her a new perspective. Cancer has taught her to not only accept herself but also accept the people around. She realizes that everyone one around her was fighting some battle or the other and we need to treat them with kindness.

A truly noble thought indeed, the Story of Pooja Khanna tells you that life is full of surprises and every hurdle has something to teach. Like Pooja Khanna, we too should endeavor to appreciate the people around us. It shouldn’t take a life threatening disease to teach us the value of life.

Here is the post she wrote on Facebook:

“Second stage breast cancer and me? I never expected it. I was only 49 this January when I was detected. I was shocked because I’m the kind of person who always took care of my health, whether it was eating healthy food, exercising or doing yoga. After receiving this news I shifted to my nephew’s house in Bombay for treatment. My daughter’s here, taking care of me through the treatment but I miss my husband and the rest of my family back in Amritsar. A few weeks ago, my doctor allowed me to travel back to Amritsar for a few days to stay with my husband…and I can’t express how happy I felt to just be back home with him.”

“What has this experience taught you?”

“I’ve stopped looking at Cancer as a disease — believe it or not, it’s been more of a blessing. It made me realise so many things I would have never learnt otherwise. Yes, in the beginning it was hard to digest and I did break down two or three times but the beauty of this journey unfolded itself to me when I started accepting and gladly accepting. Instead of wasting my energy on fighting it, I’ve embraced it and summoned the strength to recover. Cancer has taught me to accept, not just myself but others around me. I’ve let go of any grudges I’ve ever held, let go of any form of judgement. Everyone is fighting some battle or the other — cancer has taught me to respect the struggle of everyone around me and treat them with kindness.

More than anything, cancer has taught me to live. To understand that life is a celebration and that every day wasted complaining about trivial things, is a day less of feeling blessed to just be alive.”