Unboxing of Laser X Toy Gun by Aryan and Aryaveer

Aryan and Aryaveer are back with yet another terrific toy review! They have reviewed their new toy gun which their father has got from the USA recently. So, dear viewers, This unboxing has been done especially for you if you are planning to buy a laser gun for yourself or your kid or your friend’s kid. Yes, Aryan and Aryaveer have reviewed this gun for the viewers and not just for fun. They truly want to help you understand the functioning of this toy and how and why you should buy it.

Stop, guys! This is not like any other review. It has been done by kids so you will find lot of fun in our latest unboxing video. They are, after all, kids. The duo couldn’t stop showing their excitement and started playing the moment they unboxed this amazing set of guns. And, this makes this review very interesting. No, no, they didn’t read anything from the instructional manual given with every toy. Actually, they are right, no one reads that boring manual.

So, guys! Watch this review to understand the working of this awesome gun and know how you can enjoy with your friends when you have this gun which gets loaded by just shaking it, and, when you hit your opponent it turns red. Wow! It’s an amazing toy gun and you must watch how Aryan and Aryaveer are enjoying playing with their latest Laser X toy gun in the video.