Kid says “Choddo Kal ki baatein” to his Salman Uncle !

Hello Salman Uncle! I am one of those fans of yours who desperately wait for all your upcoming movies. I am a die-hard fan of yours. But Salman Uncle everyone makes mistake in their lives, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for it rest of their lives. Sometimes good people make wrong choices but that doesn’t mean they are bad, but they are called ‘Humans.’ Such a mistake was committed by Arjit Uncle long ago in an award show where he called your hosting as ‘Boring.’ He was totally wrong on his part to call you the same but now when he has realized his mistake and has made an effort to apologise, you must accept his apologies.

Arjit Uncle’s mental and emotional turmoil was quite evident on his Facebook page post when no other medium was left to contact you. He has tried to calling you numerous times and also wanted to speak to you at Nita ji’s place. Irrespective of the stature of the singer, he has boldly accepted his mistake on social media so that his apology letter reaches to you. Pleading him It is rightly said that, “It takes a strong person to say sorry and even a stronger person to forget.” So if Arjit Uncle is apologizing, please retain the song sung by him in Sultan. He would be obliged if he retires with at least one song of his in his library. Salman uncle, if still you want someone else to sing this song, please keep a version of his song too in your film. I loved his “Sunn raha h na tu” song and he will sing a kick ass song again for Sultan film but please give him one more chance.

P.S. I love you Salman Uncle!