Holi for kids—it’s fun, it’s colourful, it’s beautiful

Holi, the festival of colours, is just around the corner. Right now, all kids are busy with exams but we are sure they can’t wait to celebrate their favourite festival of colours. But, why do kids like Holi so much? Kids love art, kids love all the colours, kids love water, kids love to get messy with their friends, and that is why kids love Holi festival so much. They get so much happiness by doing all this and that is why for kids, Holi is the festival of happiness too. Yes, Holi is a beautiful and colourful festival enjoyed by everyone. On this day, kids love to go out and throw water, colours and water balloons.

After all those exams and studying, your kids will eagerly wait for Holi. So let your kids build up the excitement with some unique fun crafts and activities for Holi. Yes, the best part about Holi is that along with colours, Holi is also about warmer weather, sweet dishes and special Holi crafts and activities for kids. Such colourful activities encourage your kids to engage in some cool art and craft work and many new things. Here you will find Holi decoration ideas for school also. See how kids do school work for Holi festival. Check out the awesome and colourful school project video on Holi.

We have found some videos on Holi drawing for kids and Holi painting ideas for kids. They can watch the video and do some paintings on Holi like toothbrush painting, painting Holi banners, DIY Holi сolours, colourful candies, broken crayons pendant, egg tray painting, Holi scrapbook and much more. Your kids can also make drawings easily by using different colours. This is one of the best ways to teach kids about colours and the festival of colours HOLI. Holi drawing for child is the best way to make them learn about the festival in a fun way.

The schools also teach children about colours through various activities. The Holi celebration ideas for school includes Holi theme party at school where teachers and students can play with some colours to celebrate the festival. There are many more Holi decoration ideas for school like making Holi charts in school for classroom walls and giving prize to each student for putting in efforts. This will encourage them to draw even better next time. Then you can also help them making beautiful Holi wishes card for friends, family and teachers. Kids can also draw various images and colour them to. Then their cute and colourful creations can be put on the school notice board before the festival. It will certainly bring a smile of everyone’s face whoever will see it. Kids love when they celebrate this festival of colours in school.

As Holi is the festival of colours, kids just love playing with colours. When we throw colours on others, it goes in the air and gets into our mouth, hair and eyes which is very unsafe, so make sure to use safe colours so that you don’t have to worry when your kids play with safe Holi colours. There are many colours available in the market but you must choose good quality Holi colours for your kids. Natural Holi colours for kids are the best and homemade Holi colours for kids are even better.

Now, here are some easy ways to help kids teach how to make Holi craft. For more, you can watch the videos here.

  • Making your kids busy with Holi colouring pages. It will make them really happy and you will also enjoy seeing your littles one so engrossed in the work of colours.
  • Get your kids involved in Holi art projects. Just help them choose the material and let them spark their creativity themselves by using natural coloured things like leaves, flowers, sand, water etc.
  • Get some liquid colours and help your kids with splashing the water colours on cards to create random patterns. And this will help them make beautiful Holi cards.
  • You can also help your kids create Happy Holi banners, Holi charts, Leaf printed Holi cards and a lot more.
  • Get some paints and allow your kids to blow the pain everywhere with the help of empty straws. This is going to be great fun for kids.

From making Holi charts for school and coming up with various Holi painting idea for kids and ideas on Holi drawing for child, you all can do a lot to make this colourful festival a memorable one for kids. This way, they will also know about Holi celebration ideas in school and Holi decoration ideas for school. The Holi activities for early years are learned in school in a better way as kids get to interact with many students and learning becomes fun for them. There’s so much the kids and the teachers do in the school, even at home. There are many ideas on Holi crafts and activities for kids. You can watch videos and learn how to make Holi crafts. But, as we have already mentioned about safe colours, please make sure to use natural colours for kids and better are homemade colours for kids. Holi colours for kids are special for them and they love this festival of colours very much.

That is why kids like Holi so much. A very Happy Holi to everyone from team The Kids Logic.